Project Assurance Services

Many projects benefit from independent, third-party engagement to assure effective delivery and continued alignment with original objectives. These services help CIOs, PMO Managers, and Business Executives gain valuable insights into projects and IT investment programs.

Project assurance services are delivered via a Professional Consulting Services Statement of Work (SOW) for individual or multiple projects. Services might include:

Project Health Checks

This is a formally structured review of a project’s processes, plans and deliverables to determine the project’s current state and identify factors that will impede or support successful delivery using Tricon’s knowledge base, called Triple Play.

The health check is intended to identify problems early so that the project team can course-correct and still deliver the project in line with the expected outcomes and benefits. The health check also underscores processes or activities that are working well and key to success.

It is essential for the health check to be delivered by an impartial third party who does not have a vested interest in the project. This enables an objective and open assessment and identification of challenges, risks and fit-for-purpose mitigation strategies.

Project Look Backs

This is a structured and facilitated approach to reviewing a project after it’s completion to gain insight into success factors, roadblocks or issues that arose, and ongoing process improvement recommendations. These insights are often invaluable to PMO and management teams to enable a continuous improvement focus.

The facilitator may collect information through documentation reviews, interviews with stakeholders and facilitated group session(s) with members of the project team.

All data and recommendations are compiled into a formal report, circulated amongst required stakeholders to ensure the report reflects their input, and then reviewed with the management team as required.  

Project Stage Gate Reviews

The best way to validate that a project is in a good state to proceed as planned is by incorporating stage gates into the project delivery methodology. Our professional services consultants work with your team to determine when stage gate reviews should occur and how the review should be executed, and then we facilitate and run the review process. Since our consultants are skilled in facilitation and workshop techniques, they can recommend the best method for the review, as well as bring significant industry experience to help advise on project risks and health.

Risk Assessments

Risk assessments help reduce the likelihood of a risk becoming a major delivery or reputational issue. Risks are first identified, and then are accepted, mitigated, or transferred. Independent risk assessments are often performed on high profile projects, when CIO or PMO Leaders sense a challenge with a project, or when they first take office and would like an independent view on delivery success to date.

It is best to perform risk assessments early in the project to ensure that mitigation strategies can be incorporated into planning, schedule and budget. An independent third-party facilitator conducts documentation reviews, workshops, and/or interviews with relevant stakeholders.

A formal assessment report will be drafted, and reviewed with relevant stakeholders to ensure accuracy. The findings can then be presented to management. Recommendations will specifically focus on risk mitigation, transfer or acceptance strategies and can be used by the project manager on an ongoing basis to manage their project.

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