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Tricon offers services to initiate and start up, maintain, refresh and/or enhance existing project management, support or control offices (PxOs). What we do for you depends on your existing project office (PxO) if one exists, your readiness for change and how you want to position the PxO.

We will walk you through a formal project office assessment to determine what type of project office structure and service your organization is ready for, based on your company’s specific culture, direction, and structure.

Companies can employ Project Office services as either fit-for-purpose statements of work (SOW), through longer-term services/maintenance agreements, or as out-source or co-source arrangements.

Co-Sourcing or Out-sourcing

There is a current trend for organizations to off-load the administration, training, risk management, methodology maintenance and other standard project office practices to a trusted project management service provider. The Tricon team has a substantial background in establishing successful Project Offices across a wide range of companies and industries. We are happy to work with you to set up a high-performing, customized Project Office. The following functions can be requested ad hoc – when required – or can be packaged as part of a co-source or out-source agreement.

PMO Assessment & Recommendations

We work with your team to assess your organization's readiness for a project office structure, or to mature an existing structure. The assessment is multi-dimensional and often leads to insightful realizations on behalf of your staff. What follows is a set of recommendations that are directly correlated with your organization's needs.

PMO Start-up Support

We know PMOs. We know what makes them work, and what leads to the often-significant challenges they face. We work with you to implement a PMO that very specifically fits with your organization and leadership team. And we can help you incubate the PMO over a few months during its start-up to provide additional assurance that it will get off the ground running.

Methodology Development & Maintenance

Many of our clients need and want scalable, repeatable project delivery practices, yet find it very expensive to maintain a dedicated team or resource internally for this purpose. Tricon has developed this cost-effective service in response to these common challenges. We provide methodology maintenance based on industry standards and bring to the table ongoing support and ideas, based on industry and peer trends.

Whether you have a full time PMO staff, or just want to have a standard set of practices and templates for consistency and quality of project delivery, this service is scalable and offers significant value.

PMO Staff Augmentation

At times, your project management office just needs a helping hand to perform a specific function, or get a process up and running. Our resources can help you meet wide a variety of needs, from establishing risk management practices to providing training to building and maintain PMO dashboards for leadership executive reporting, Project/Investment Portfolio Management (PPM) implementation

Portfolio management is becoming a necessity for organizations that want increased assurance that the finite resources available to them (time, people and capital) are allocated to best support company strategy and objectives. Tricon helps organizations establish and/or maintain investment portfolio management practices through ready-to-customise templates, process flows and reporting templates maintained in our internal Tricon Knowledge Base called Triple Play.  We are able to marry potential existing functions such as Enterprise architecture within the Portfolio Management life-cycle and consult on the significant organizational change management implications of implementing this important practice.

Dashboard Reporting Creation & Maintenance

The number of simultaneous, potentially overlapping and interdependent projects underway in an organization at any given time can be staggering, and hard to gain effective management insight into. A consolidated dashboard portfolio view of the projects within your organization or team will enable managers to proactively manage risk and respond to issues and opportunities quickly, as well as perform better industry benchmarking of delivery success.

This service is unique to each client due to the dependencies on data sources, quality of data available, consistency of data across the organization, availability of existing tools and desired level of dashboard reporting sought. Tricon can help you sort through all of these variables and deliver the best possible dashboard solution for your enterprise.

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