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Edmonton Work - General Request for Project Managers and Business Analysts

Role Objectives

Tricon is looking for great Project Managers and BA’s who are willing to work in Edmonton! We are always seeking the best in the market.

It means so much to us when the people we work with, know, and trust refer others that they know and trust to join our team! With clients across disciplines and positions spanning from coordination to project and change management to solutions architects, we always have opportunities for great people. 


Why work with Tricon?


Tricon is Calgary's premier Consulting and Service Company. Our network of consultants provides services and customization in Project and Program Management, Project Management Office (PMO), Project Coordination, Organizational Change Management (OCM), Enterprise Architecture, IT architect professionals for Portfolio Management, Capital Planning and Project Management. When you engage Tricon, you get the Tricon team—which is much more than just the sum of our individual competencies.

Tricon has two major business streams – Staff Augmentation and Professional Services.  Both lines of business are experiencing very positive and balanced growth.

All of Us Are Better Than One of Us.

Living up to our promise that "all of us are better than one of us" takes more than just paying lip service to the concept of teamwork. We've embedded this commitment to consultant support and available peer review into our engagement model. Support services to consultants are free of charge—and are just part of the deal when you work with us.


Tricon not only has access to the best contract PMO professionals in Calgary through our large consultant network, but we also have an in-house Professional Services team, staffed by Tricon employees.  These employees include senior leaders who have directly led such IT teams as PMOs, Enterprise Architecture, IT Finance functions, and more.  Our Professional Services employees have also run large programs, projects, and performed organizational change and management consulting work. 

Living our company motto that "all of us are better than one of us", we will leverage the best people from either our contractor or professional services resource pool to help make initiatives successful.  We have industry leading back office functions for recruiting, contracts management and backup support. Our staff is both qualified and very experienced – we are extremely proud of the calibre of our core staff.

We supplement our core staff with robust and complete back office automated systems and best practices.  Tricon focuses heavily on building, implementing and improving all of our processes and best practices and pride ourselves on keeping current with technology and processes that are efficient, reliable and relevant to our clients (i.e.; Sharepoint, MS Project).


Tricon Solutions is unique in Calgary as the only fully end-to-end professional service provider focused primarily on Project Management and delivery services. We differentiate ourselves in the following ways:

TRICON CONSULTANT SUPPORT MODEL Consultant support includes a wide array of activities as well as access to an internal knowledge base of resources, a head office research and support service desk, a Tricon Consultant Portal to enable collaboration and knowledge sharing, and hands-on Partner support as required. Our aim is to work with you to ensure the success for all of us.   

Exchange meeting (core team) Our internal teams meet regularly to collaborate on our consultant support. In these meetings, we focus on ensuring that pertinent information is shared between Consultant Support, Account Management, Corporate Shared Services and Professional Services.

ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT advice and support Contract negotiations, proactive contract renewals, strong client engagement model, events with industry updates & trends. We take our team seriously, and have a focused/In-depth approach to recruiting to ensure your unique skills are matched with our client's unique needs.  

HIRING THE BEST PEOPLE FOR EACH JOB Tricon employs rigorous and thorough hiring practices, and performs multiple reference and background checks to ensure all our consultants are premier, 5-star delivery professionals that will match our clients' company and team culture. We have a robust network of over a thousand individuals who have collective work experience with our team. We have, or will find and align the best person for our clients. Maintain connections with strong potential candidates.

KNOWLEDGE BASE Research, methodology, best practices and tools are available to you via TriplePlayTM Methodology, Tricon research memberships and colleague networking. Our model and our team support you in your quest to investigate new ways, and best methods, for delivering results.


If you, or if you know anyone that would like to be considered for any of these roles, please have them submit their resume to quoting the JOB ID number in the subject line.

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